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Consumer Directed Medicaid Service Facilitation for EDCD (CCC+), CL & FIS Waivers, as well as EPSDT program
At Home You Way is a Consumer Directed VA Medicaid Waiver Service Facilitation (EDCD CCC+, CL & FIS Waivers, EPSDT program) provider. We were started by a mom whose son was receiving services via the Elderly or Disabled Consumer Directed (EDCD CCC+) waiver.

Our Mission

At Home Your Way (AHYW) is a Service Facilitation provider for Medicaid CD-PAS (EDCD, CL & FIS Waivers, EPSDT program) enrollees. Our mission is to enhance the outcome for all of our clients and their families, by using person-centered practices while providing superior service, sharing resources, continually expanding our knowledge, and networking. Our primary areas of growth will be advocating in the school systems for our younger clients, assisting young adults with transitioning to independence, and helping our aging clients to be cared for by the people who love them.

We serve clients of all ages: children, young adults and aging.

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The 2018 Legislative Advocacy Season – How, When and What to Know to Get Involved

What You Need To Know About CCC+
ATTENTION Northern/Winchester Virginia – it’s time to start watching for those CCC Plus letters coming from Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Medical Assistance Services!

DO NOT THROW THE LETTER OUT – read it carefully.

To make sure your providers are in the Managed Care Organization (MCO) assigned to you, visit the CCC Plus website here. You can search for your providers to see which plans they are enrolled in.

You have the right to choose a different CCC Plus Medicaid health plan. You must choose one of the health plans that work with CCC Plus. You CANNOT choose to “opt out” of CCC Plus.

Click here for more information.

– CCC Plus Member Calls (open to the public). Nov. 28 2017 – Jan. 30 2018

Self-Advocacy: Self-Help Tools

“Nothing about us without us” is a favorite phrase of disability rights advocates. For too long, professionals and government officials told people with disabilities where they would live, how they would live, and who they would live with. It is critical to these advocates that people with disabilities now be involved in every decision that is made that involves them.

Self-advocacy is advocacy on behalf of one’s self. It is also advocacy by people with disabilities on behalf of people with disabilities.

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