Our Mission

At Home Your Way (AHYW) is a Service Facilitation provider for Medicaid CD-PAS (CCC Plus, CL & FIS Waivers, EPSDT program) enrollees. Our mission is to enhance the outcome for all of our clients and their families, by using person-centered practices while providing superior service, sharing resources, continually expanding our knowledge, and networking. We achieve this through leveraging our passion, talent, and experience to lead others to the answers, help, and hope for which they are looking. Our primary areas of growth will be advocating in the school systems for our younger clients, assisting young adults with transitioning to independence, and helping our aging clients to be cared for by the people who love them.

Our Vision

To provide superior Person Centered Service Facilitation for Medicaid CD-PAS enrollees throughout the state of Virginia. Learning from a multitude of resources including our clients and sharing what we learn with others.

At Home Your Way’s Culture Points, ACES

A = Advocacy – Empowerment and education bringing people together for positive change.

C = Compassion – Effective and caring partnership with you on your journey through our unique perspective.

E = Excellence – Excellence in everything we do.

S = Service – Through Advocacy, Compassion, and Excellence, we provide superior person-centered service.


“First, let me tell you that you and your team have done an incredible job of supporting me when my broken heart could barely see what a precious gift I received in my son. When my son was born, I was absolutely overwhelmed and had no idea what a wonderful community I was about to enter just because of the special needs of my son. I will admit, I was not as nice as I should have been to my first facilitator, but she was always patient and kind, probably because she had “been there” years before and could sense my fear. Your staff traveled in the snow to get to us so that we could start services two years ago—and I couldn’t have been more grateful. Every member of your staff has been helpful, knowledgeable and willing to research the standard operating procedures to see if there was a means to meet my request. You have families too, and most (if not all) of your facilitators have children with special needs—in some cases more severe than the families that you serve—so I want to take a moment to commend you and everyone that has works on your team.  People need be mindful that you are providing us an amazing service—you come to us! And, in my experience, AHYW has not been my facilitator’s only job so they have worked some long hours to ensure that I received my services without fail. It’s not an easy task with the logistical nightmare that is DC traffic, the demanding schedules that parents keep and your own lives that, well, might present some challenges too. THANK YOU for everything, big & small, that you do for our families—you are helping us all to be the best versions of ourselves.”