News on the Individual and Family Support Program (IFSP)

The Individual and Family Support Program (IFSP) has begun issuing funds for FY 2019. Before you use your Way2Go Card, there are a few things IFSP staff would like for you to know. Click here for more details.

How, When and What to Know to Get Involved in Legislative Advocacy Season!

January and in the beginning of February is the time to make your voice heard! Don’t miss this years chance to advocate about what your family needs to thrive. Communicate to your Legislators in the General Assembly and to your Representative in Congress. There are events to do this in person or in a group, which is a great way to network with parents. You can also try to schedule a one-on-one meeting with your Legislator in their local office. You can also email and send them a tweet. It is so important that the people that influence the state budget know about the lives of individuals and families with loved ones with disabilities.

Click here for dates, tips for effective advocacy and more.

MCOs and Waiver fiscal agent changes

There are MCOs and Waiver fiscal agent changes. Are you switching to CDCN or ACES$ or staying with PPL? What steps do you need to take? Learn more so your Personal Care Attendants will be paid on time.

What You Need To Know About CCC+

To make sure your providers are in the Managed Care Organization (MCO) assigned to you, visit the CCC Plus website here. You can search for your providers to see which plans they are enrolled in.

Click here for more information.

Self-Advocacy: Self-Help Tools

“Nothing about us without us” is a favorite phrase of disability rights advocates. For too long, professionals and government officials told people with disabilities where they would live, how they would live, and who they would live with. It is critical to these advocates that people with disabilities now be involved in every decision that is made that involves them.

Self-advocacy is advocacy on behalf of one’s self. It is also advocacy by people with disabilities on behalf of people with disabilities.

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