Service Facilitator (SF)

Role of the SF

A Consumer-Directed (CD) Services Facilitator (SF) is the DMAS-enrolled provider who is responsible for supporting the person and family/caregiver by ensuring the development and monitoring of the consumer-directed services plan of care, providing Employer of Record (EOR) management training, and completing ongoing review activities as required by DMAS for consumer-directed personal care and respite services.

Responsibilities of an SF

The Services Facilitator is the person who supports the person in consumer-directing services. The SF trains the EOR on the responsibilities of being an employer and how to manage attendants. The role of the SF is to:
  • Make sure the person gets the services needed.
  • Develop the service plan with the person and the EOR.
  • Provide the fiscal employer agent the appropriate forms to start the process of establishing the EOR.
  • Review this manual with the EOR.
  • Submit requests for service authorization to the appropriate service authorization contractor.
  • Train the EOR on the required tasks of an employer.
  • Document services as required by the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS).
  • Assists the EOR when filling out paperwork for the Fiscal Employer Agent.
  • Conduct reassessment visits.
  • Conduct the annual level of care review process.
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