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Division 5/6: Central/Richmond/Hampton Roads

Jamie Greskowiak : Division Manager
Jamie Greskowiak
Division Manager
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6001 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Originally from Ohio, Jamie moved to Virginia about fifteen years ago. She was working on her Master’s in Severe and Profound Disabilities at ODU to become a special education teacher, when she found out she was pregnant with her first child. Jamie now has three amazing, brave children with disabilities, and there is never a dull moment in her house. For the last twelve years, she has been advocating for her children and ensuring they get the best services and support they each need. Because of the complexity of their medical conditions, they receive treatment at the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughter, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and the Cleveland Clinic.

Jamie is currently a member of APFED, CURED, and Kids with Food Allergies. She is the parent advocate on the preschool board where her children have previously attended, and is also a member of the Cincinnati Children’s Champions Program. Jamie is excited to attend the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities specialized training to be a Partner in Policy-making, Class of 2014. She loves being able to take what she has learned from her family’s experience, in order to help other families going through similar situations.

Marissa Collins : Regional Manager
Marissa Collins
Regional Manager
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6115 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Marissa lives in Isle of Wight County with her husband and two beautiful children, both of whom have Autism. She learned from personal experience that navigating services can be a difficult task for disabled people and their loved ones. Marissa also learned how wonderful it could be to have people who "get it" to help to guide you along the way. This is what inspired her to want to work with other families and to help to connect them to the services that they need. She is so excited to be a member of the At Home Your Way team!

Christin Falvella : Regional Manager
Christin Falvella
Regional Manager
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 5101 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Christin lives in Fluvanna County with her two amazing children. She has been involved in the disability community since she was very young when her grandparents adopted six differently abled children. Christin holds an Associate’s Degree and has worked in the education field for 20+ years working with children from birth through high school. In high school, she worked with the local elementary students as an aide and reading tutor. In college, she worked with the deaf and blind community as a reader and transcriber. Later, she became an aide in the SPMH class for the local high school teaching life skills and communication techniques. She has worked as a preschool and kindergarten teacher, a daycare director, and even ran her own home daycare for seven years.

Christin believes in being a lifelong learner and participates in numerous workshops and classes to continue her education. Most recently she participated in a workshop on Sensory Processing Disorders in the Classroom. She is very much looking forward to her new role as a service facilitator and being able to help families in her community get the services they need.

Todd Humphrey : Regional Manager
Todd Humphrey
Regional Manager
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6133 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Todd was born and raised in Hampton Roads. His youngest child was born with Syringomyelia, a chronic progressive disease affecting his spinal cord, and he was later diagnosed with Autism just before his third birthday. Since learning of his son’s diagnosis, Todd has been constantly advocating for his son’s rights to get the best medical treatments and education possible.

Todd's training in disabilities includes VCU’s program for Family Navigators and attending sessions during the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities Partners in Policy making in 2013-14.  In the community, Todd has served as a board member and past Vice President of the Autism Society, Tidewater Chapter; a board member and volunteer coach for the Tidewater Striders youth group New Energy & New Energy P.O.W.E.R.; and as a local runner for Team Hoyt, Virginia Beach.

Todd’s most memorable service to the Hampton Roads community has to be the creation of a special needs running club. Todd worked diligently with the local running community, and local volunteers to bring to life the vision of a running club that empowers ALL of its exceptional athletes to become “part of a team”, no matter their ability level. The program,  named P.O.W.E.R.  (Program of Wonderfully Exceptional Runners), is still running strong under the direction of the Tidewater Striders Youth program, New Energy-P.O.W.E.R.

Today, Todd is proud to be focusing his efforts as a Regional Manager for At Home Your Way, a role that has helped him to “pay it forward.”  By helping local families navigate waiver services, he can help them to enrich their lives both at home and in the community.  He believes that a family served is a family saved from unnecessary struggles.

Jennifer Smith : Regional Manager
Jennifer Smith
Regional Manager
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6122 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Jennifer is the proud mother of three beautiful children. Her middle son has multiple diagnoses including Autism and ADHD among others. Her youngest son also has ADHD and her daughter suffers from multiple unexplained bone fractures and sprains.

Jennifer has an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education and has worked for the past 11 years as an Assistant Director at a childcare center. Throughout the journey of discovering the waiver system for her oldest son, she found a joy and love of helping others navigate the system as well. She was able to pass on this knowledge to families who were under her care at the child care center. Jennifer is so excited to be a part of the At Home Your Way team so she can provide this much needed support to other families.

Katie Webb : Regional Manager
Katie Webb
Regional Manager
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6111 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Katie is a native to the Richmond, Virginia area.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University, she pursued a career in marketing and sales.

Katie and her husband welcomed their first, very dapper, son into the world in 2012.  In late 2014, they introduced their second son into the world, and life would never be the same.  Their second son was born with a uniquely rare chromosomal abnormality.  He truly is a miracle and one of a kind!  Since finding out his diagnosis, Katie has been very fortunate to have built such a strong team of support to surround her.

Katie is so ecstatic and grateful to be a part of the At Home Your Way organization. Not only is she familiar with the waiver process and the trials and tribulations of Medicaid, but she will go above and beyond to find answers to any questions or concerns.  She is eager to assist as many families as possible and become a member of this team!



Team Members

Adrienne “Nicole” Ayres : Senior Service Facilitator
Adrienne “Nicole” Ayres
Senior Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6125 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Nicole grew up in a military family, but is originally from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. She currently lives in Accomack County with her husband and two dogs. Nicole graduated with a Bachelor’s in Human Services from Old Dominion University and is working towards her Master’s in Administration of Human Services at Wilmington University. She loves working in the human services field and has volunteered with the United Way, homeless shelters, and the local domestic violence agency/shelter. She has worked the last 3 years in early intervention through the Parent and Infant Program on the Shore (PIPS) and LOVES working with all of her amazing families. After attending an At Home Your Way training a few months ago, Nicole knew she needed to bring this amazing resource to the Eastern Shore and looks forward to working with everyone!

Brenda “Davette” Bellamy : Service Facilitator
Brenda “Davette” Bellamy
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6146 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Brenda “Davette” Bellamy is a Yorktown resident by way of New York. She and her husband made the decision to remain in Virginia to raise their family. Upon her husband's retirement after serving 23 years in the USAF, they felt Virginia would be a good place to raise their two sons.

Davette grew up in a family of educators who believed in service to community, so it was only natural that she gravitated to community service as well. In 2004, she became a volunteer for AmeriCorps*VISTA as a housing coordinator.  Soon thereafter, she had the pleasure of being selected to provide health care to adults with intellectual disabilities. Davette’s excellent caregiving skills created new job opportunities for her to advance in her career field. When she was selected for the position of Service Facilitator, she did not hesitate to take on a new role in health service!

Davette's exceptional service and experience dealing with individuals with intellectual disabilities for over 15 years makes her highly qualified in the career field as a Service Facilitator. She is well rounded in adult healthcare management and strives to be a knowledgeable resource to her community.

Davette is an alumni of AmeriCorps*VISTA and AIU where she received her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Information technology.

Kayla Deal : Service Facilitator
Kayla Deal
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6144 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Kayla was born and raised in Virginia Beach and is the proud mom of a daughter. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, as well as a Master’s degree in Counseling. In the past, Kayla worked as a case manager where she was able to work with children and adults who either had a waiver or were on the waiting list to obtain waiver services. As a result, Kayla has become a strong advocate for families who are in need of waiver services and is excited to join the At Home Your Way team to help even more families in the community.

Jessica “Flip” Grey : Senior Service Facilitator
Jessica “Flip” Grey
Senior Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6124 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Jessica "Flip" is a mother of two beautiful daughters, one of whom has Asperger’s and Epilepsy. Like many others, her journey has been one of learning and advocating. From the difficulty of obtaining a diagnosis, to the trials of navigating policy and services, Flip has been through it all.

Currently, Flip is pursuing a graduate degree in Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University with a concentration in disability policy. Her goal is both personal and professional as she aspires to become an even more empowered advocate for people living with disabilities.

In addition to her educational goals, Flip also volunteers and mentors whenever possible. Through volunteer activities, Flip hopes to enrich the lives of those challenged by disability.

Kimberley Harden : Service Facilitator
Kimberley Harden
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6126 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Kim was born in the Shenandoah Valley, but raised in Virginia Beach. She is the proud mom of one daughter who is now a freshman in college. Kim has worked in Human Services for more than 15 years, where she has worked with families and children dealing with behavioral conditions. She has a heart and passion for helping others and knows firsthand how important the available waivers are for families.

Tracey Johnson : Service Facilitator
Tracey Johnson
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6148 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Tracey was born and raised in Northern VA and currently lives in Louisa with her husband and two of their five children. She has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Rehabilitation Services from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Tracey grew up in, and then married into, a family where inclusion and care for individuals with special needs is a way of life. She has cared for aging family members and worked with children with special needs for many years. She also spent five years as Program Coordinator at a non-profit for Adult Education where she honed her skills and passion for connecting people to community services and resources.

Tracey considers herself a caregiver’s advocate. She has been able to support her mother while her mother acts as caregiver to her uncle, who was born with Hydrocephalus, by providing respite, helping them navigate the waiver services, assisting with yearly paperwork, and researching resources and services to improve the quality of both of their lives.

Tracey looks forward to bringing integrity, enthusiasm, and compassion to assist individuals and their families, so that they may have the best lives possible. In her spare time, she enjoys herb gardening, holistic wellness, swimming, reading, and living a peaceful life.

Patricia Lloyd : Service Facilitator
Patricia Lloyd
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6110 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Patricia is a native of Norfolk, Virginia. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Human Service Counseling, as well as a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Patricia loves children and helping others in any way that she can. She feels that it is truly her purpose in life to be a blessing to others. Having worked with children with disabilities in a group home setting and having a godson who has Autism, Patricia knows firsthand the challenges and obstacles families face. When she saw how much of a blessing Moms In Motion was for her godson and his family, she knew that she wanted to be a part of this incredible organization.

Antonio Mauro : Senior Service Facilitator
Antonio Mauro
Senior Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6114 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Antonio is a native of upstate New York, but has lived in Virginia Beach since 2000.  He and his wife, Crystal, are the parents of two beautiful children, Gisella and Giovanni. Giovanni, a prenatal diagnosis for Trisomy 21 has forever changed their lives.

Crystal and Antonio are the founders of Giovanni’s 21 Gifts, a Non-Profit organization that delivers gift baskets to new moms anytime a child in Hampton Roads, VA is born with Down Syndrome.  Giovanni opened their eyes to a new world, and Antonio wanted to find a way to give back, so he joined the At Home Your Way team.

A graduate of the United States Naval Academy, as well as an active duty Naval Officer, Antonio is very familiar with military programs, such as EFM, Tricare Prime, and Standard Benefits.  Antonio's son, Giovanni, benefits personally from the EDCD Medicaid Waiver, allowing Antonio to educate others on the process and offer assistance to new families as they start their new journey.

Crystal Mauro : Service Facilitator
Crystal Mauro
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6139 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Crystal has lived in Virginia Beach since 2004 and graduated from Allegany College of Maryland in 2002.  She and her husband are the parents of two beautiful children, Gisella and Giovanni.  Giovanni, a prenatal diagnosis for Trisomy 21, has forever changed their lives.  Crystal and Antonio are the founders of Giovanni’s 21 Gifts, a non profit organization that delivers gift baskets to new moms anytime a child in Hampton Roads is born with Down Syndrome.  Giovanni opened their eyes to a new world and Crystal wanted to find a way to give back, so she joined the At Home Your Way team.  Crystal is very familiar with military programs, EFM, and Tricare Prime and Standard benefits.  Giovanni benefits from a Medicaid waiver, allowing Crystal to educate others on the process and offer assistance to new families as they start their new journey.

Susan Mothersole : Senior Service Facilitator
Susan Mothersole
Senior Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 5135 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

For thirteen years, Susan has been an advocate for her daughter who has multiple developmental disabilities and complex medical issues. This experience makes her uniquely qualified to build rapport and trust with families in similar situations. As a service facilitator, Susan brings her knowledge, experience and sensitivity to the job of helping others navigate the complex process of supporting those with special needs.

John Munn : Service Facilitator
John Munn
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6135 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

John is a devoted husband and father of three gifted children who reside in Norfolk, Virginia. He previously served in the US Navy and has various experience in safety, air control, administration, training, and advocacy. He also has prior experience working with children with disabilities through his local church program. John has spent countless hours of volunteer work with Builders for Christ, CEF, NEST, NPS, Volunteer Hampton Roads and local churches. He is also a member of many veteran organizations that fight for active/past military members and families.

A graduate of DeVry University, John received a Bachelor's degree in Technical Management with a specialization in Business Information Systems. He has been helping children for over 15 years through devoted time and is always looking for ways to help people.

Brittany Nicol : Service Facilitator
Brittany Nicol
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6116 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Originally from Roanoke, Brittany moved to Norfolk about ten years ago. She was inspired by her brother, who has autism, to study Psychology at Old Dominion University. Her degree then led to a career of working with individuals with disabilities.

In the past, Brittany has been an inclusion specialist for the Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation, a teacher's assistant, and an in-home behavior clinician. She has found great joy in helping her community and looks forward to this new opportunity with At Home Your Way.

Britnie Quesenberry : Senior Service Facilitator
Britnie Quesenberry
Senior Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 5110 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Britnie was born in Maryland, but raised in West Virginia until she was sixteen years old. She moved to Virginia in her Junior year of high school and has resided here ever since.

In the past few years, Britnie has been a caretaker for several children who have special needs. She has also been a substitute teacher for Buckingham County Public Schools, where she worked with the Special Education classes at both the middle and high schools. Currently, Britnie volunteers as a children and youth leader at PCC in Fork Union. She loves working with kids, and one day hopes to go back to school in the near future to work on obtaining a degree in counseling to work with children in the school system.

Britnie is very family-oriented, so in her free time she loves to simply spend time with her family and friends. She is also very artsy and loves anything that involves creativity, such as drawing, painting, writing, and singing.

Britnie has a passion for helping others, so she is very excited to be a part of the At Home Your Way team!

Kimberly Scott : Service Facilitator
Kimberly Scott
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6128 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Kimberly was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. After receiving her Bachelors of Arts in Human Communications from Howard University in Washington, DC, she received a doctorate degree from Temple University in Pennsylvania. In 2002, she moved back to Virginia Beach with her husband.

Kimberly has years of experience dealing with individuals with disabilities. She enjoys educating people about the many resources available to improve their lives or the lives of their loved ones. Kimberly strives to bring dignity and integrity to everything she does, which shows in her work ethic and professionalism. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, reading, traveling, and volunteering with the Special Olympics.

Mark Smith : Senior Service Facilitator
Mark Smith
Senior Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 5153 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Mark lives in Charlottesville, VA with his wife and amazing son. He has been involved in the Autism community since his son’s diagnosis at age two. Through personal experience dealing with the challenges of caring for a special needs child, he has gained an in-depth knowledge of the resources and support available for families.

Mark is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a B.A. in Religious Studies and M.A. from the University of Texas. Before joining At Home Your Way, he spent 15 years working as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher in public schools in Virginia. Mark looks forward to joining the At Home Your Way team and using his skills to improve the lives of others in his community and help them reach their full potential.

Tima Smith : Service Facilitator
Tima Smith
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6145 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Tima lives in Richmond and has been an RN since 1987. After graduating from Richmond Memorial School of Nursing, she worked in the Neuroscience ICU for 7 years. She then moved into the field of HIV Research at a time when there were very little drugs to treat HIV. When the research grant ended, Tima became an RN Educator working with pregnant HIV+ women, exposed infants, children and youth to help them be adherent with medications, medical appointments, navigate difficult systems, provide self-care and teach basic HIV education.

Tima has three wonderful young adult children and two awesome granddaughters. Most of her family lives in Suffolk or Portsmouth near her lovely parents. Family is extremely important to Tima.

Tima's life’s work is helping others access the best quality of life by providing the highest level of service to each individual she serves.

Patricia Spurlock : Senior Service Facilitator
Patricia Spurlock
Senior Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6136 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Patricia was born in Annapolis, Maryland, but raised in Gloucester and is a proud mother of two boys. She earned her Associate's degree in Applied Healthcare Management in June 2010. Patricia has worked in the healthcare field for 7 years, where she has worked with people of all ages with disabilities.

While Patricia's main passion is caring for her clients, on her off days she enjoys spending quality time with her boys, gardening, kayaking, fishing, and shopping. She has advocated for improving care quality and outcomes as well as advancing developmental disabilities. She is excited to work with At Home Your Way to be able to help supply families with the resources to live a comfortable quality life.

Mary Stallings : Service Facilitator
Mary Stallings
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6154 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Mary has been an active participant in the special needs community since 2010.  She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from VCU and began working with individuals with special needs.  Through her years working, Mary realized the need for advocacy for personal rights and proper care for the people she supported.  These needs became more apparent once Mary had a daughter of her own, who was diagnosed at 15 months with low functioning Autism.  Mary has been able to utilize the information that she gathered from her work experiences in the past to assist in advocating for her own child.  As challenging as it is to raise a child with profound needs, it is also incredibly rewarding.  Mary is thrilled to be a part of At Home Your Way and their efforts of providing for families and individuals to help make life a little easier and less complicated.

Maria Stout : Senior Service Facilitator
Maria Stout
Senior Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6131 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Maria is a proud mom to a fourteen year old son and an eight year old daughter, both of whom were internationally adopted as infants. She was first introduced to the world of disabilities when her son was diagnosed with high-functioning Autism and sensory integration at the age of three. Her daughter had global delays when adopted and was involved in early intervention programs.

When her son was four, Maria began designing sensory tools to help him under the supervision and counsel of his RVA occupational therapist, Geri Allen. She designed a visual schedule for high-functioning children to use at home and school, as well as several sensory tools which are now being sold by a national special needs catalog. In 2009, Maria was trained as a vision therapist and worked with special needs children and their families at Premiere Eyecare in Stafford, Virginia.

Maria has a Bachelor’s degree from Mary Washington University and has worked to help establish both a counseling center and a non-profit health clinic serving lower income families in Fredericksburg, Virginia. With both of her children now in school, Maria is excited to help other parents through At Home Your Way.

Nicole Taylor : Service Facilitator
Nicole Taylor
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6105 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Nicole, a native Virginian, has been a support to the special needs community for more than 3 years. She has tutored special needs kids in public school and in private settings. She focuses on math as a stepping stone for practical application and helping students use learned math skills in real life situations. Nicole strongly believes that building a trusting relationship with the kids she tutors, is the key to successful learning.

Nicole’s experience ranges from customer service to executive management. She holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration with a specialization in Project Management. She is the proud mother of a daughter who is in college pursuing her dreams.

Angela Thorne : Senior Service Facilitator
Angela Thorne
Senior Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6137 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Angela is a devoted mother of a handsome 16 year old son, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. After learning of his diagnosis, she quickly realized that she had to become her son's biggest advocate. It was until Angela was introduced to At Home Your Way that she felt as if a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. She had such a positive experience with AHYW that she wanted to share her experience and the resources that were available with other families.

Karen Williamson : Service Facilitator
Karen Williamson
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 5156 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Karen is a Texas girl who moved to Virginia 25 years ago. She became involved in the world of disabilities after she graduated from college with a Bachelor's degree in Social Work, working first as a Unit Manager at a San Antonio residential facility for children with intellectual disabilities, and later in Virginia, working in early intervention.

Nine years ago, her journey became dramatically more personal when her sixth child was born with Down Syndrome. That same year, Karen’s nephew was injured in a diving accident and lost his mobility. Additionally, she has a niece who has Autism. These experiences allow Karen to bring a wealth of knowledge, both personal and professional, to her role as Service Facilitator. She is intimately familiar with the benefit of Medicaid waivers and the importance of support systems being in place for families who are caring for disabled loved ones. Karen is especially excited that she can offer encouragement and hope to those who are trying to manage the complexities of finding the support and services they need.

Antoinette Wilson : Service Facilitator
Antoinette Wilson
Service Facilitator
Phone: (800) 417-0908 ext 6132 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Antoinette is a mother of a little girl and a set of quadruplets who were born premature. There were no complications with the pregnancy, nor the birth. A proud native Virginian, Antoinette's children are the highlight of her day. One of her children was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 2 and Antoinette was devastated by the news. However, she feels blessed to have a supportive husband and family to help her walk this journey. They are enjoying the milestones that her daughter makes each and every day together, and they have learned to take them one day at a time thanks to At Home Your Way.

Antoinette has a Bachelor's in Communications and a Master's in Management. She is currently a Safety Manager and loves what she does. Keeping everyone safe is a part of her daily life, not just for her own family, but for the people around her as well. Antoinette loves to help families in any way she can and looks forward to growing and learning so that she can better serve families who are, and will become, a part of a wonderful organization like At Home Your Way.