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Administrative Assistants

Tammy Kimble : <b>MCO Team Lead</b>
Tammy Kimble
MCO Team Lead
Phone: (844) 828-5591 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Tammy lives in Fluvanna County with Ryan, her husband of sixteen years. Nine years ago, they were blessed with twin miracle babies who were born severely premature. Today, Abigail & Caleb are healthy and the light of their lives.

In her high school years, Tammy had a soft spot for others with special needs and volunteered at the local learning center, as well as babysat for families of children with special needs. It wasn’t until later, when she moved to Fluvanna County and met Mona Holmes and her son, who has severe special needs, that she got more involved. She attended several conferences with Mona in hopes of encouraging their church and other churches to start a special needs ministry, as well as to learn more ways to help people with special needs.

In 2008, Tammy started working as a direct service provider that provided care to Mona’s son. This special, little guy and his friends are amazing, and it was through working with him that Tammy realized this. In 2010, she joined with others to hold a week long camp for children with special needs and their peers. Out of that, the organization, Precious in His Sight, was established to provide inclusive opportunities (recreational, social, entertainment, etc.) for Fluvanna County residents with special needs. Tammy serves as the Treasurer of this organization.

Today, Tammy continues to work as a direct service provider, caring for the same “not so little anymore” guy. She has seen what a difference it has made for the family in receiving the ID waiver, and enjoys being a part of the At Home Your Way team, so that she may help more families see that difference.

Christina Lincoln : <b>Kepro Team Lead</b>
Christina Lincoln
Kepro Team Lead
Phone: (844) 828-5591 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Christina resides in Remington, VA with her husband of 15 years and two beautiful boys, Sam and Jack. Christina was first introduced to the disability world when her oldest turned one and was diagnosed with Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, and then again when her second child was diagnosed with Autism at eighteen months. She fought hard for early intervention through Child Find for both boys, getting them two years of Early Childhood Special Education. Once the boys transitioned to Kindergarten, Christina began navigating the long process of IEP services, ensuring that all of their needs were met. While having two boys on opposite ends of the disability spectrum has been challenging, Christina has gained a wealth of knowledge advocating on their behalf.

Christina first became acquainted with Moms In Motion in 2010 once both boys became eligible for Medicaid. Through At Home Your Way, she was able to sign up both boys to receive services under the EDCD waiver. Christina makes it her priority to ensure safeguards are in place so that her boys have every opportunity afforded to them, whether it be through Special Education programs or government facilitated programs.

Brittany Lofton : <b>CL/FIS Team Lead</b>
Brittany Lofton
CL/FIS Team Lead
Phone: (844) 828-5591 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Brittany is the mother of two precious little boys, one of whom has been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, OCD, sensory processing disorder, and migraines. Most days are definitely a struggle, but Brittany always goes above and beyond to improve her son's daily life. Her children attend a Christian school, a school for which she truly enjoys being an active volunteer.

Brittany is thankful for this adventure with At Home Your Way, so that she can help other families obtain information and resources that can help them. She is extremely excited for the personal gain in meeting new people and for the opportunity of opening new doors for herself and her family.


Team Members

Kacey Bishop :
Kacey Bishop
Phone: (844) 828-5591 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Kacey is a military spouse living in Virginia Beach, VA with her husband and three children. When her youngest daughter was born premature at 26 weeks, her family was introduced to the special needs world. After a lengthy hospital stay, they brought their daughter home on oxygen and a g-tube. Kacey has spent the past two years learning the resources available for her daughter and helping her overcome many hurdles.

Kacey understands what it is like as a parent trying to find the resources needed for loved ones and wants to help many families by making the process smoother and less stressful.  Kacey has a drive to help others and her community!

Kristie Boultinghouse :
Kristie Boultinghouse
Phone: (844) 828-5591 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Kristie is a military spouse living in Virginia Beach with her husband and four children. Her second child received speech and occupational therapy for 3 1/2 years. This process led Kristie to work closely with therapists, doctors, and insurance companies to help her son receive the best care and resources available to him. She was also an aide for a family with a special needs child. Kristie understands the stress and frustration that finding resources can sometimes bring and is excited to help ease that burden on families working for At Home Your Way.

Linda Creasy :
Linda Creasy
Phone: (844) 828-5591 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Linda is happily married to her husband James and is the mother to three children and two step-children. She resides in the beautiful mountains of Botetourt, VA. Linda is currently attending Liberty University online to obtain her BS in Psychology. Growing up with an aunt with cerebral palsy has filled her heart with compassion and given her a passion for helping families with special needs. She is excited for the opportunity to work with the At Home Your Way team to help families get the services they need.

Kim Davenport :
Kim Davenport
Phone: (844) 828-5591 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Kim was born and raised in the Hampton Roads area and is happily married to her husband of sixteen years. She is also a mother of three children. Kim was introduced to the special needs community when her nephews were diagnosed with Autism fifteen years ago. She has also worked in the special needs field, providing respite care for military families for over 6 years, and is very excited to join the At Home Your Way team.

Chrissiana Fogarty :
Chrissiana Fogarty
Phone: (844) 828-5591 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Chrissiana is happily married to her husband Roger and is the mother to a wonderful son. Chrissiana has worked with many people with different disabilities. She knows and has seen the struggles that people have endured in finding the resources and help they need for their families. She also has a young nephew who was diagnosed with Autism whom she has helped with over the years. Chrissiana is very excited and blessed to be apart of the At Home Your Way team!

Dana Greskowiak :
Dana Greskowiak
Phone: (844) 828-5591 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Dana was born in Ohio, but moved to Virginia with her family in 1998. She has a 9 year old daughter, Taylor, who keeps her very busy! Dana has been involved with the youth group at her church, as well as other community organizations. She recently graduated with a degree in Medical Office Management.

Dana has been a strong advocate for her nieces and nephew, who all have complex medical conditions. She not only helps with their daily care and therapies, but she helps educate the community and advocates for their rights. She is excited to be a part of the At Home Your Way team so that she can now help other families as well.

Tamatha Hagenseker :
Tamatha Hagenseker
Phone: (844) 828-5591 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Tamatha and her husband were welcomed into the “world of disability” when their third child was born with a rare genetic mutation. As a result, he remains in a newborn mental state with no physical control. Only given two to four years to live, he has now lived years beyond that estimate. Tamatha and her husband are absolutely blessed to have him in the family, but the impact has been tremendous. Each family member has had to make lifestyle changes as a result. Through it all, Tamatha has worked hard to help her family find and maintain “a new normal.”

This everyday experience has given Tamatha the ability to help extended family and friends when they have faced the disability of a loved one. She has had the opportunity to share her experiences and provide comfort and compassion throughout her community. Tamatha is excited to be working for At Home Your Way. She hopes to help many others who are facing a disability to thrive as they find their own “new normal.”

Kim Harman :
Kim Harman
Phone: (844) 828-5591 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Kim resides in Charles Town, WV with her husband and two sons.  In her role as caregiver to her husband of 17 years, a wounded warrior suffering from severe PTSD, as well as physical ailments, Kim has embraced bringing healing to people who have been through a traumatic/stressful experience.  She understands the difficulties in securing services to assist those with special needs, especially when dealing with highly emotional situations, and is motivated to become an advocate for said services.

Kim strives to show compassion and support and is excited to become a member of the At Home Your Way team.  She looks forward to the opportunity to help families in need as well as meeting new people.  Kim enjoys spending time with her family and friends and enjoys crocheting, arts and crafts, and gardening in her free time.

Brooke Law :
Brooke Law
Phone: (844) 828-5591 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Brooke was born in Roanoke, VA and now lives in Smith Mountain Lake. She is married with two children. Brooke was drawn to Moms In Motion after overcoming issues with her daughter's daycare. Since then, her daughter has had ongoing medical issues that are still being determined.

In her spare time, Brooke enjoys spending time with her family on the lake or playing outside.

Brianna Parker :
Brianna Parker
Phone: (844) 828-5591 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Brianna is a mother of four beautiful children and currently lives in Newport News, VA. She has experienced difficulties navigating the system firsthand with her young niece and nephew who have Autism. Brianna worked for several years as a personal care attendant for them and endeavors to improve the quality of their lives every day. Recently, she has begun the process of diagnosing and receiving services for her son who has Autism. Both experiences have made her a strong advocate for people with disabilities and have helped fuel her passion for helping others.

In her free time, Brianna enjoys spending time with her family, painting, and watching her favorite football team, the New England Patriots, play football. She is really excited to be a part of At Home Your Way and helping local people in her community!

Stevie Prince :
Stevie Prince
Phone: (844) 828-5591 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Stevie has been married to her husband Bill since 1981 and they have two grown children and canine kids, several which are rescues. As a parent, Stevie quickly learned how to become an advocate for her daughter when she was diagnosed with a chronic illness.

As an empty-nester, Stevie earned her Virginia teaching degree and taught 3rd & 4th grade. In that role, she requested and taught special education students while collaborating with their case managers and teachers. Watching her students reach their potential and feel good about themselves was a wonderful experience. Stevie was introduced to At Home Your Way through a student who was a client and immediately she realized the impact she could have helping families while continuing to work with a special needs population.

In her free time Stevie enjoys family time watching the Patriots and Red Sox, crafting, and working with a local animal rescue.

Diana Salyers :
Diana Salyers
Phone: (844) 828-5591 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Diana Salyers came to At Home Your Way in March of 2013, as a part-time Administrative Assistant for the West Central region. She had previously worked in the payroll industry for twelve years and as a Customer Service Associate for Lowes in Staunton. It was the skills she learned from her previous employment opportunities that prepared her for the role she has taken on with At Home Your Way.

Diana understands the human resources and payroll processes connected with PPL, and has honed her customer service skills from working at Lowes to better serve our clients and their families. She looks forward to helping her region grow and learning more about the many opportunities out there for families in need.

Brenda Smith :
Brenda Smith
Phone: (844) 828-5591 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Brenda is married with one son. She has been in the administrative field for a total of twenty years. In 2008, she obtained a degree from Lord Fairfax Community College in Small Business Management and received her certification in Medical Billing and Coding in 2010.

Brenda's closest friend has a child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Bi-Polar, ADHD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, and PTSD. Her own son has grown up with him since he was two years of age. Because of this, he too is an advocate at just eleven years of age.

Randi Victory :
Randi Victory
Phone: (844) 828-5591 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Randi is a mother to a handsome son whom she home-schools and loves very much. She is currently attending Tidewater Community College to become an interpreter for the Deaf. Her ultimate goal is to work in early intervention, which helps hearing parents who have deaf children. Her inspiration for this came from a young girl she knew years ago who was deaf. Randi witnessed how being forced to mainstream was hard on this young girl. Through this experience, Randi eventually switched her college major from nursing to sign language, so that she could help more families, like this young girl's, communicate more effectively and become closer.

Randi is so excited to join the At Home Your Way team. She hopes to use her knowledge of Deaf culture and sign language to make a true difference in her community.

Rebecca Zepp :
Rebecca Zepp
Phone: (844) 828-5591 / Fax: (703) 468-4958

Rebecca was born and raised in Michigan, but has lived in Botetourt County, Virginia since 2009. She fell in love with the mountains and doesn't plan on leaving anytime soon. Rebecca is blessed with two beautiful children, Kendra and Peyton. Her life is full of church, family, friends, Michigan State football, movies and helping others whenever she can. Rebecca has a huge heart for the world of disabilities ever since her niece was born six weeks prematurely. Since then, she has become an active volunteer at her church with the Me Too Ministry working with special needs children. Life is what you make it and Rebecca chooses to make it beautiful and amazing.