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Individual & Family Support Program

(This is a Program, not a Waiver)

What is the Individual & Family Support Program (IFSP)?

The Individual & Family Support Program is a result of the DOJ Settlement with the State of Virginia. The purpose of this fund is to assist individuals on the wait lists for the BI, CL, FIS waivers and their families to support them in their community as they wait for their “slot” to be funded. A maximum of $1,000 per fiscal year per individual on the wait lists is potentially available for services.

What Are The Criteria?

  1. You must qualify in these areas:
    • Must be on a wait list for the CL or FIS Waivers.
    • Be living in their own home or family member’s home.
    • Be the family member of an individual on the wait lists assisting the individual.

What Services are Covered via the IFSP?

Services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Respite Care
  2. Behavior Management
  3. Assistive Technology
  4. Home Modifications
  5. Rental Assistance
  6. Camps
  7. Other direct support services as approved by DBHDS

Please see the administrating organization’s (Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services) page for further details: