What Are Waivers?

Medicaid waivers are a way for Medicaid resources to be used to support people in their communities instead of in institutions. There are seven Medicaid waivers in Virginia. At Home Your Way focuses on the three listed below.

What is Consumer Directed vs. Agency Directed Personal Care, Respite & Companion Care?

Consumer Directed means that the individual (or a representative) is in charge. This allows individuals to maintain Independence and Control. Agency Directed means that the individual selects an agency to provide, train and direct staff.

Waivers that offer Consumer Direction as a service delivery model are the CCC Plus, FIS and CL waivers.

Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus (CCC Plus)

Where to Go

Local Department of Social Services – Request a Screening for Long Term Care.

*Screening may be done at your local Department of Health depending on your county.

Click here to see the current list. This list is updated frequently. DSS can still guide you to where you need to go. Keep in mind, financial application still must be done with DSS.

Must have Functional & Medical/Nursing Needs (No age requirement. Enrollee can be an infant or 100!)  Must be at risk for Nursing Home Placement.
Personal Care Assistance, Respite Care, Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), Adult Day Healthcare.

I/DD comprehensive Waivers: Building Independence (BI), Family and Individual Support Waiver (FIS) & Community Living Waiver (CL)

Long – Depends on Urgency
Must have diagnosis of Developmental Disability. A physiological evaluation showing IQ and diagnosis is required.  Must have a functional need. VIDES Survey.
Personal Care Assistance(FIS, CL), Respite Care(FIS, CL), Residential Support, Supported Employment, Companion Services, Skilled Nursing, Assistive Technology, Environmental Modifications, PERS, etc.