What Are Waivers?

Medicaid Waivers provide a variety of supports and services for children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families who need long-term support systems to live successfully in the community rather than in institutional settings. Unlike general Medicaid, household income is not considered. As a Waiver, only the income/assets of the person seeking eligibility are reviewed.

Virginia Medicaid offers several different Waivers that supply various supports: Commonwealth Coordinated Care (CCC Plus), Community Living (CL), and Family and Individual Supports (FIS). Within these waivers, services such as Personal Care, Respite Care, and Companion Care are available.

Consumer-Directed vs. Agency-Directed

Consumer-Directed is a model of service delivery for which the person or the person’s Employer of Record, as appropriate, shall be responsible for hiring, training, supervising, and firing of the person who provides the direct support or specific services covered by DMAS and whose wages are paid by DMAS through its fiscal agent.

Agency-Directed is a model of service delivery where an agency is responsible for providing direct support staff, maintaining records, and scheduling the dates and times of the direct support staff’s presence in a person’s home and community.

The following Waivers utilize both Consumer- and Agency-Direction as a service delivery model:

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