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PERS: Personal Emergency Response System

A Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) is an electronic device that is capable of being activated by a remote wireless device and enables individuals to secure help in an emergency. PERS electronically monitors individual’s safety in the home and provides access to emergency crisis intervention for medical or environmental emergencies through the provision of a two-way voice communication system that dials a 24-hour response or monitoring center upon activation via the individual’s home telephone line or other two way voice communication system.

A PERS device can be obtained through Medicaid or paid for out of pocket. For more information on purchasing a device on your own see our “Purchase a device” section below.

Funding a device through Medicaid:

  • Receive waiver services
  • Ages 14 or older
  • Live alone or alone for significant parts of day (2 or more hours)
Please Note: An individual may not receive PERS if he/she has a severe cognitive impairment. The individual must be alert and cognitively able to operate the device appropriately.

Reasons to obtain a PERS device through Medicaid:

  • Individual has fall risk
  • Risk for emergency when left alone
  • Individual is alone for significant periods of time

Purchasing a Device:

There is no age minimum or criteria you must meet to fund a PERS device on your own.
Reasons to purchase PERS out-of- pocket:
  • Individual has fall risk
  • Individual has a flight risk (GPS devices, such as the SOS Alert 3G Mobile GPS can track a person anywhere in US or Canada)
  • Individual is at risk for emergency
If you are interested in purchasing a device on your own, we can help! Check out the Alerts 911 device
options below:

Mytrex MXD

The Mytrex MXD is a simple easy to use Medical Alert System.

There are three parts to the Mytrex MXD system:

  • Alarm Button
  • Base Station
  • Response Center

Mytrex MXD Capabilities:

  • Compatible with VoIP – even Magic Jack!
  • Compatible with Cable Telephone Systems
  • Compatible with GSM Cell Terminals
  • Compatible with CDMA Cell Terminals (Verizon Home Connect)
  • Waterproof Panic Button
  • The base unit back-up battery provides power for up to 80 hrs.

CTC 1052 3G

The CTC 1052 3G is the first cellular medical alarm in the industry to provide a 3G cellular connection. The CTC 1052 3G is state of the art equipment. As more homes get rid of their Pots lines and switch to other mediums of communication such as cell phone(s).

CTC 1052 3G Capabilities:

  • No Cell Phone No Landline Required at All
  • Simply Plug-In Outlet and Use
  • 60+ Hours of Backup Battery
  • Wireless Connection 3G AT&T Network
  • Connect Up to Two Medication Dispensers
  • FDA Registered

Operational in US and Canada.

SOS Alert 3G Mobile GPS

The SOS Alert 3G Mobile GPS gives you peace of mind and security. It makes it easier to maintain your independence by keeping you in contact with the Emergency Response Center at all times. The SOS Alert 3G Mobile GPS can be worn in the shower ensuring protection when you are the most vulnerable to slips and falls.

You can expect industry-leading medical response times via multiple UL Certified US-based Central Stations Multi-Lingual Care Specialists available at all times.

Features and Benefits:

  • Loud, crystal-clear audio
  • Built-in GPS capabilities
  • Ability to track individuals that are lost or wander
  • Shower-safe water-resistant rating of IP66
  • Convenient dock for easy charging
  • One touch operation
  • Between 4 and 6 days of battery life on average
  • 24 Hour US-based monitoring
  • Smaller than competing products
  • Nationwide coverage on one of America’s largest mobile networks
  • Fall Detection
  • Durable Construction
  • Lightweight

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