Our Story

Keeping our clients and their needs at the heart of our "why".

Founded by a Mom in 2009, our sister company Moms In Motion (Moms) is a Consumer-Directed Service Facilitation provider for Virginia Medicaid waivers: CCC Plus & DD (CL & FIS). In 2023, due to the needs of our clients, and the required roles needed for Consumer-Directed services, some families do not meet the criteria for that model of service. Our founder, CEO, and COO decided to make sure that we were able to continue to serve those families with the launch of At Home Your Way. At Home Your Way provides Agency-Directed Services as a provider for Virginia Medicaid Waiver clients and their families that need this option. We believe everyone deserves the right to live the most fulfilling life and want them to remain happier, healthier, and at home.

Our Mission & Vision

Leading people and families to the Answers, Help, and Hope that they have been looking for through love and leverage. We aim to keep them happier, healthier, and at home. Our mission is to provide services to people approved for Virginia’s Medicaid Waivers . We serve individuals and their families by providing resources, information, engaging in advocacy through community and state-wide networks, and by assisting people in navigating the waiver world’s constant changes because everyone deserves a fulfilling quality of life.

Why Choose Us

What separates Moms In Motion and At Home Your Way from other providers? The fact that the team has been in your shoes, makes all the difference! We share this with you because we want you to know that we “get” the concerns you likely have right now as you navigate the Medicaid waiver world. 

Concerns like: 

  • What if you don’t have someone to fill the role of EOR
  • How will you pay for what you need
  • What is a Fiscal Agent
  • Where will you go for support 
  • How do I qualify for a Medicaid Waiver
  • Will you live a fulfilling quality of life 

We are experts in navigating the Virginia Medicaid waiver system through advocacy, compassion, and excellence. We recognize the system can be overwhelming but we will coach you and your family through the process from beginning to end! Get started today!

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