Leadership Team

The Moms In Motion Chiefs are responsible for strategic planning, forecasting, and execution of business operations. They lead the organization to provide families all over the state with the Answers, Help, and Hope they need. 

Keri A.


Keri has been active in the disability world since she suspected her son had autism, in 2007. Along with getting many services in place for him, she navigated his enrollment in the EDCD Waiver. She personally experienced the road blocks to getting these services in place, but also the invaluable benefit they brought her family. Keri began educating other families regarding VA Medicaid Waiver application processes and the benefits of enrolling. She so enjoyed assisting other families, that she created Moms In Motion to allow her to devote herself full-time to this effort. Since the beginning of Moms In Motion in 2009, she has watched it blossom into an organization full of over 100 competent advocates who have touched thousands of families’ lives.

Keri’s training in disabilities includes VCU’s post-bachelor program Va-LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) (2013) and their Parent Navigator training, the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities specialized training Partners In Policymaking in (2011) VaAccess’s SSI/SSDI workshops, etc. Keri is a board member of her local Arc and United Way, she is also active in many local support groups, her local SEAC, etc.

Keri is proud that Moms In Motion is able to support our local communities by sponsoring events such as the VA Arc’s annual convention, the Harrisonburg and ASACV 5Ks for Autism, the DSAGR’s Step Up for Down Syndrome, etc.

Joy S.

Chief Executive Officer
Joy is the mother of two beautiful children, one of which has autism. Since getting her son’s diagnosis, she has been active in the world of disabilities for many years. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics and a Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Technology Management. Her training in disabilities includes VCU’s program for Parent Navigators, Person-Centered Thinking Certification, and the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities specialized training to be a Partner In Policymaking (class of 2011). In her spare time, Joy owns a company that does merchandise on Amazon, JDOTT Enterprises. She has been doing Service Facilitation with Moms In Motion since 2011 and is a proud mentor and advocate for families trying to get waiver services. Her passion is in helping people with disabilities and their families get the services they need to have the best possible quality of life.

Heather J.

Chief Operating Officer

Heather is originally from Alexandria, Virginia but moved to the Shenandoah Valley. She currently resides in Edinburg, Virginia with her two daughters. Heather’s youngest daughter was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three. She worked closely with therapists and doctors to ensure her daughter received the best care possible. Heather strives to help those families who may be going through the same thing including navigating the Virginia Medicaid Waiver Program.

Heather is the former owner of The Caterpillar Clubhouse where she worked with children in a preschool setting, some of whom had disabilities. She is the chairman of the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) for Shenandoah County, where she advocates for families and children who attend Shenandoah County Public Schools. Heather is also the previous Co-Chairman of the Shenandoah County Early Education Coalition which helps families with preschool children navigate early childhood education programs within the county.

Heather is dedicated to making sure that families receive the same services and opportunities as her own family.

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