The Quality Assurance Team is responsible for reviewing documentation to ensure that Moms is in compliance with federal and state regulations for Consumer Directed Waiver Services program requirements.  The team continuously monitors for changes in program requirements and procedures, resources, and advocates for improvements both internally and for the families we serve. 

Diana Salyers

CL/FIS Admin

Originally from West Virginia, Diana has two daughters, four grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. She has worked for Moms In Motion off and on since 2013, starting out as a case manager. She quickly found that she loved working behind the scenes as an admin and has served in various capacities in that department. “Having spent most of my life as someone’s administrative assistant, the role just comes naturally,” Diana said. “The work at Moms is interesting and gives me the opportunity to help people. My heart really goes out to the families; if I can help them in any way, I’ll do it.”

Megan C.

Executive Assistant Team Lead

Megan is happily married to her husband, Chris, and has been blessed with two active boys. As young parents, Megan and Chris were quickly introduced to the special needs community when their first son was diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, and Intellectual Disability. Megan’s second son came into this world with severe respiratory issues that have kept her involved both personally and professionally in the medical field. She has been very active in the special needs community for years and has been watching family advocacy grow within Roanoke. Megan is heavily involved with her children's extracurricular activities, therapies, and activities within the community.

Megan is excited to become apart of the Moms In Motion family, as well as help educate and encourage other families in the ever-growing special needs community.

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